Price drops when more people buy

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Sale ended
Aug 31, 2021 23:59:59
Sale Ends on August 31
UNITS SOLD: 2     |     UNITS LEFT: 23
Price drops for everyone when more people buy.
Everyone pays the same lowest price reached when sale ends.
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Starting Price
2 units sold.
8 more units for the price drop.
If total 10 or more units sold,
price drops to
If total 15 or more units sold,
price drops to
Regular market price is $80
How It Works
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Pay 10% of starting price
Pay 10% of starting price ($6) and place your order.
Remaining balance is charged after sale ends.
Balance Charged
September 02
Balance amount depends on total units sold.
Product is shipped after sale ends and balance charged
September 02
Help bring the price down for you and everyone.
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Product Info

This Bluetooth® wireless stereo headset makes high-quality audio accessible to all—worn easily around the neck with a convenient design. Block out distractions, listen on-the-go, or work from anywhere with confidence. 

The comfortable neckband design reduces fatigue typically caused by wearing of headsets over many hours. With its always wearing style of use, you will not miss calls while it provides ultimate usability for when you are working from home!

LG HBS-830 TONE Ultra Alpha Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Black).

Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Technology.

Up to 15 Hours of Playback.

Up to 13 Hours of Talk Time.

Seller Comments

Brand New

Charged after sale ends. Balance amount depends on total units sold and final price reached before sale ends.
Balance amount includes 8.25% sales tax and any shipping charges.
If total 9 or less units sold
Price is $60
Initial payment is $6
Balance is $54
Sales tax is 4.46
Shipping is $0
Total Balance is $58.46
Sale is currently at this stage
If total 10 or more units sold
Price is $45
Initial payment is $6
Balance is $39
Sales tax is $3.22
Shipping is $0
Total Balance is $42.22
If total 15 or more units sold
Price is $40
Initial payment is $6
Balance is $34
Sales tax is $2.81
Shipping is $0
Total Balance is $36.81
Balance amount is charged usually the day after sale ends. It is charged to the payment card (credit, debit or charge card) you used to pay the initial payment.
You will receive an email before the balance amount is charged.
If we are not successful in charging the balance, we will automatically cancel your purchase and refund your initial initial payment in full.
Shipping Info
Seller will ship the product after sale ends and after we successfully charge the balance amount.

Refer to Seller Comments above for more details on specific instructions to redeem your purchase.
Cancellation Policy
You can cancel your purchase anytime before the product is shipped. We will refund your initial 10% initial payment in full, and the balance payment in full if charged. Email us at
Return & Exchange Policy
You can return or exchange for up to 30 days from the day product was shipped. Email us at
Reporting Issues
If there are any issues with the product shipped (ex: you did not receive the item, received a damaged or wrong item), report to us with in 7 days. Email us at

We will contact the seller and resolve the issue. We will refund your money in full if we cannot resolve the issue.
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