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Privacy & Terms

Effective June 1, 2018.
Thanks for using Snoball. Snoball service including this platform is provided by Snoball One Inc. (Snoball) located in Addison, TX
By using Snoball, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.
1) Don’t misuse Snoball. You may use our Services only as permitted by law. We may suspend or stop providing our Services to you if you do not comply with our terms or policies or if we suspect misuse.
2) Using our service and platform does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights or the content owned by Snoball.
3) You are not required to sign up or make a purchase to share either Snoball home page or any specific sale. 
4) When you see a sale and wish to share with your friends because you think they can benefit from the lowest price anywhere on the planet, feel free to share with your friends using any of the social sharing (Facebook, Twitter etc.) provided for each sale or by simply emailing or texting them or even by just telling them (phone call or in person). They will thank you for that. And if you also made a purchase, you will of course benefit tool
5) Do not share Snoball home page or any sales on Snoball with people you may not know or to simply bombard and annoy people. Share Snoball home page or any sales on Snoball with people that you think will benefit from Snoball’s sales because the price gets cheaper as more people buy together.
6) Snoball’s core concept (it gets cheaper as more people buy together) and related concepts are patent-pending, and are exclusively owned by Snoball Inc. Do not reverse engineer to circumvent our patents or ideas. Read our Patent Infringement for details.
7) Do not reverse engineer to create similar / parallel sales outside of Snoball or use Snoball platform to direct traffic to sites outside of Snoball.
When you make a purchase on Snoball
8) You agree that you are 18 years of age to make any purchase on Snoball.
9) You agree that you are the owner of or are authorized to use the credit card or other payment method you use to make any purchase on Snoball. 
10) Before you make any purchase, you must read and understand the pricing table, sale period end date, available units etc. provided for the sale item There are also 18 sections (How it works, Product Description, Additional Discount, Initial Payment, Seller Information etc.) provided for every sale. Some of these are specific to that sale only. You must read and understand all these 18 sections before you make any purchase.
11) All information provided by the seller in the sale (ex: image(s) of the item on sale, Pricing Table, Additional Discount, Seller Info, Seller Instructions, Compare Price etc.) are provided by the seller. Although Snoball does try to make sure this information is accurate using its manual and automated systems, Snoball does not control or manage this information. Please do your own research and contact the seller directly if needed to ensure that the information provided is accurate and that you can trust the seller and the sale item before you make a purchase.
12) Reporting Issues: If there are any issues with the item that you received from the seller (ex: you did not receive the item, received a damaged item or wrong item), report to us within 7 days. We will contact the seller and withhold payment to the seller until this is resolved. You can report to us by emailing at and provide your purchase details. We will do our best to resolve any issues. We will refund your money if we cannot resolve the issue. You must also read and understand the Reporting Issues section specific to that sale.
13) Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your initial 10% payment (or the $2 minimum payment) anytime until 5 days before the sale ends as long as the sale is still in Tier 1 pricing. We will issue a full refund. You cannot cancel once the sale has crossed Tier 1 to Tier 2 or other lower tiers. You can however, contact the seller for any refunds or returns after the product/service has been delivered (see Return Policy in the next section). To cancel your initial 10% payment (or the $2 minimum payment), just email us at with your purchase details. You must also read and understand the cancellation policy specific to that sale which may provide the last day for cancellation.
14) Return Policy: Return and exchange policy on any sale item is as determined and provided by the seller. Snoball does not control or manage the return policy or the return and replacement of items. You must also read and understand the return policy provided by that seller for that sale item. 
15) Indemnification Clause: You agree that you do not hold Snoball Inc. responsible for any personal death or injury, property damage or financial loss incurred by any item purchased on Snoball.
Terms of Service for Sellers
16) All Terms of Service listed above apply. In addition, the following also apply to the sellers / retailers, whether signed up on Snoball or not.
17) If you are a seller / retailer, whether signed up or not on Snoball, do not use Snoball platform to market your business directly or indirectly to your existing or prospective customers without prior authorization from Snoball. 
18) You agree to honor the price and the additional discount you offered within each sale. You agree to deliver, either by shipping or handing, the product or service) offered in the sale to the buyers who purchased the item.
19) You agree to sign a separate Snoball seller agreement to be signed as a Snoball Seller.
Seller payments 
20) Snoball functions as ‘Marketplace Provider’ (MP), or alternatively, ‘Remote Seller’ (RS). 
21) Snoball as a MP/RS collects sales tax from the customers at the Point Of Sale (POS) and remits it to respective State Comptrollers office. Snoball maintains all sellers sales records as required by the respective State Law. 
22) The Snoball sellers are vendors, where the seller is exempted from sales tax collection and remittance to the State. However, all sellers are required to maintain their sales records as per the respective State Law. 
23) Snoball pays the sellers as per agreed upon unit price. 
Effective June 1, 2018
1) Snoball was founded with one mission: Help consumers buy items at significantly cheaper price than anywhere else on the planet. 
2) We may reach out to you from time to time to seek user feedback to improve your experience on Snoball and to improve our systems.
3) We may collect your history on Snoball (i.e., your viewing or purchase history) and use it to improve your experience on Snoball and to improve our systems.
4) We do not provide your information including your name, email address and your address to any seller / retailer that signed up with Snoball, or to any third party. 
5) We do not provide your history on Snoball (i.e., your viewing or purchase history) to any seller / retailer that signed up with Snoball, or to any third party.
6) The credit card and/or other payment information you provide at the time of making any purchase is securely stored and managed by Stripe, a very popular payment gateway and payment system used by millions of online retailers worldwide. Your payment info is stored by Stripe only for the purpose of completing the balance payment on that purchase unless you wish to save the payment information for future purposes in which case Stripe securely saves it for your and is tied to your email and phone number you entered. Snoball does not see or store your payment info.
7) The sellers / retailers who signed up for Snoball may promote themselves or any sales they create on Snoball’s platform by emailing to you either directly from Snoball’s emailing system, their own or third party emailing systems. We do not control or manage how a seller / retailer can promote themselves or their sales. If however you feel you receive unwanted emails specific to Snoball from a seller / retailer signed up on Snoball, please report to us at and we will do our best to resolve this.
8) When you share any information about and on Snoball (ex: from Snoball’s home page or any specific sale on Snoball) using any of the social media sharing icons or via email, text messaging or other methods, we do not control or manage how that information is shared with the intended audience or otherwise disseminated across the internet. Please refer to the privacy policies of those specific social media sites.
9) Seller / retailers may choose to display their own business site URLs or competitors’ URLs in the sales they create on Snoball for price comparison or other purposes. We do not control or manage those sites outside of Snoball. Visit those sites at your own volition.
10) When you contact us to recommend and introduce any seller/retailer, we do not initiate the conversation with the seller / retailer until you give us the permission in writing. We do not make this information public anywhere including on Snoball’s website.
11) If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, contact us at: