Price drops when more people buy

What is Snoball

Snoball is a novel, patent-pending sales concept: “It gets cheaper as more people buy together”. Snoball makes any sale go viral with easy social sharing. The price keeps dropping as more and more people start placing the order with just 10% initial payment. And everyone pays the same lowest price reached when the sale ends. You just pay the balance and the item will be shipped to you or you can pick it up. It is that simple.

We buy items (products and services) in bulk from various types of retailers and put them on sale here. This means, whether you are looking for that hot new gadget or a dinner from your favorite local restaurant or airline ticket or a concert ticket or a massage, you and your friends can buy them here significantly cheaper than anywhere else on the planet. We strongly believe it will revolutionize the consumer retail industry. We just started and are constantly adding more new, hot and trending items both locally and nationwide. So be sure to regularly check out the deals you don’t want to miss.