Price drops when more people buy

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What is Snoball

A social group buying site. Price drops for everyone when more people buy. Everyone pays the same lowest price reached.

Have you ever noticed that most of the stuff you buy, lots of other people also buy. Stuff like electronics, cars, travel, restaurant, movies, concerts, furniture, appliances, home essentials etc. What if we can all band together and buy them as a group, and bring down the price significantly. That’s exactly what Snoball does.


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How it works

Every item is on sale for a certain period of time. And starts at a price already lower than the lowest price out there.
But it doesn't stop there. Price keeps dropping as more people buy. Here's how it works.


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Pay 10% and place your order

Pay only 10% of the starting price as initial payment and place your order.


Spread the word about the sale

Share the sale with your friends. And help bring the price down for you and everyone. You don’t’ need to share but if everyone does their part, and when more people see this sale and buy, the price will drop faster.

We made it easy to share. You can share directly from the sale page to your favorite social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.), or send the link via email or text (phone number, WhatsApp etc.) or simply tell your friends the old fashion way.


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Price drops as people start placing orders

As word spreads about the sale, and as more and more people start placing orders, the price starts dropping. Eventually dropping to the lowest price possible before sale ends. Everyone pays the same lowest price reached when the sale ends.


Remaining balance charged after sale ends

Balance amount depends on total units sold when sale ends. It is charged to the same payment card (credit, debit or charge card) you used to pay the initial 10% payment. Sale page displays the exact amount you will be charged. And you will also receive notification before it is charged.


Your order is shipped. Or you can pick it up.

The seller will then ship it to you or you can pick up / redeem the item from the seller depending on the item and the seller. That’s it.

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