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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Snoball is not just another discount site. Snoball proprietary platform includes the price drop tied to volume sales, and additional discounts on Tier1, and buy now option. The price drop is dynamic as more buyers want to buy the same product and share the purchase via social media.

While Groupon offers fixed upfront discount, Snoball is dynamic in arriving at the final sale price based on buyer involvement. Snoball is tied to active buyer involvement where the sale is shared via social media and other means to bring the product or service price down to the lowest offered by the seller.

Snoboxx is a product of Snoball. Snoboxx is a Corporate lunch delivery service (current). Later, it will be opened to provide lunch and dinner delivery service to colleges and apartments.

Any and all types of products and services can be listed on Snoball. Current category groups are listed under View Deals.

Snoball has growing user base, as new users are being added every day with every new sale listed. Exact numbers cannot be listed due to company privacy policy. 

Snoball uses STRIPE online payment system, which is undergirded by STRIPE financial compliancy and security. STRIPE accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB.  

Snoboxx - Food Delivery

Snoboxx is currently available in Las Colinas, TX area. Once the product delivery logistics are worked out, the service will be launched in other zip codes in DFW area.

Snoboxx price point (lunch + delivery fee + tip, all inclusive) is set at $9 now. To make this price structure work well, at least 25 lunches should be ordered from a corporate building so that it will be a win-win for both the customer and the restaurant.

Snoboxx price $9 is all inclusive for any cuisine in a particular zip code. Whereas Uber Eats, Doordash and Grubhub charge anywhere from 20% to 30% on the restaurant price, adds delivery fee ($2.99 to $4.99) and an optional tip to the driver. 

Snoboxx proprietary delivery model at high volume lunch orders from a few local restaurants will allow us to serve the customers freshly prepared hot lunch without burdening their wallet, and also keep the participating restaurants profitable at high volume orders.

Depending on each zip code, Snoboxx starts with at least 3-5 restaurants. Cuisine includes Italian, American, Thai, Indian, Tex-Mex, and Chinese.

Initially we use 3rd party contract drivers. Once Snoboxx logistics are worked out, and depending on the Snoboxx growth rate, Snoboxx would hire its own drivers as staff.